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What to Do If You’ve Been in a Car Accident?

When you get into an accident its something you will never forget for the rest of your life. It’s so shocking. Accidents happen every day and there’s a huge range in the seriousness of each one. There are some common steps you can take after your accident:

1. Immediately Stop. Don’t go anywhere. Just stay put. Never run away from the accident especially if you caused the accident. You need to be responsible and acknowledge your responsibility. It’s a serious crime if you caused an automobile accident and try fleeing from the situation. Even if you were not the responsible party it’s also imperative that you stay. If its reported you left the accident even if you’re the one that was not responsible you can get in hot water with the police authorities. If you are the responsible party or the victim in the matter say at the accident until you’ve exchanged all information with the other party or the authorities have been notified and given you permission to leave.

2. Make Certain There Are No Injuries. After the accident, examine yourself and the people you were driving with and the other party you got in the accident with. Call 911 if anyone has been seriously injured. It’s more important to take care of peoples’ health more than any damages that have been done to your vehicle.

3. If Need Be Contact the Police. In an instance where your accident has been very serious, or there’s been a criminal act of hitting and running, the police must be contacted. In cases of hit and run your insurance company requires you to call the police if you want your accident to receive insurance reimbursement. The more serious the accident the police will get involved to clear the pathway on the road for other vehicles on the road.

4. Be Polite with the Other Party and Provide Your Information. Don’t focus on who is at fault. You have to get the other persons information and provide your own in turn. Give and receive the following: your name, phone number(s), insurance company, policy number, address and driver’s license information. Get these details for every party that’s been involved. Insurance will expect you to give them this information.

5. Get the Damage Photographed. Take pictures with a camera, phone camera, and write down everything you can see. Do the same for the other vehicle as well. Get the other party to agree that this is what they see as well if this is possible.

6. Get In Touch With Your Insurance. Contact your insurance as soon as it is practicable. Tell them everything you can. It is required by law to tell the DMV if anyone has been seriously injured as well as if $750 or more damage was caused. By not doing so you will get your license suspended. Getting into auto accidents are serious situations. You need to follow these steps if you have been in one.