Employment Law

PASS to Return to Work

The Social Security Administration realized that simply being ‘disabled’ did not mean that people could, or should stop working. People who had the will and mental fitness to continue working should not have been penalized by taking away their SS benefits if they were to start working again. As such, they created the PASS program, Plan to Achieve Self Support, which allows individuals to set aside some of their income so that they can eventually reenter the workforce.

General expenses associated with returning to work can include educational expenses, transportation costs or a vehicle, materials to start a business, equipment, a computer, and others as needed. After figuring out what field of work an individual wants to pursue, PASS can help individuals afford to reenter the workforce.

The following list provides a few of the eligibility criteria needed to set up a PASS:

  • Person must be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration
  • Person must be under age 65
  • Person must meet all SSI eligibility criteria
  • Person must set up accounts to set aside earnings or resources for PASS

A number of other factors can determine your eligibility criteria and the exact amount you might be able to add onto your social security benefits can be calculated with the help of an attorney.

You will need to have a feasible occupational goal if you wish to start your own business. You must also set up a proposal and detail the time by which you expect to meet certain benchmarks and financial goals. Finally, you must also show how much you will possibly earn, what you intend to do with your income, and also state your assumptions such as cost estimates and location expenses.

An experienced social security attorney can help you plan your goals and can also help you start your business.