Criminal Law

Why Your License Could Be Suspended

A license suspension is different from a revocation because the suspension period is much shorter. If your license has been suspended, the court could order the suspension time to be anywhere from three to 18 months. After the suspension period comes to an end, you can try to get the license reinstated. In order to have a license reinstated, you will have to have a hearing with an officer from Operator Control. Reinstatement also involves a hefty fee, which is much greater if the suspension was due to a DUI.

If you or a loved one has been accused of DUI and faces a license suspension, this could significantly alter your driving freedoms. You deserve a chance to fight charges, especially if you believe you have been wrongfully accused. Speak with a defense attorney today to learn your rights and legal options at this juncture.

Reasons for a License Suspension

In the state of Rhode Island, your license could be suspended for any one of the following reasons:

  • Refusing an alcohol test
  • Attempting to evade an official police vehicle
  • Driving a vehicle on a bicycle route
  • Transporting a controlled substance in your car

These kinds of charges are very serious. If convicted, not only could your license get suspended but you could also face other devastating consequences. Furthermore, you may be unable to get to and from important destinations such as school and work. Speak with an attorney today about your case and how you can defend against such serious charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney could make the difference in the outcome of your case.