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Traffic Ticket Myths


Overpaying my ticket fine will prevent the ticket from showing up on my record

How to keep a ticket from showing up on your record

This is the ultimate myth. Actually, it sounds plausible. It’s supposed to be a clever way to not get your speeding ticket reported on your driving record, which means points won’t be added and your insurance company won’t increase your monthly bill.

Here’s how it supposedly works:

When you get a speeding ticket, you’re supposed to mail in your fine, plus a few dollars extra. When the courts receive your payment, they will cash the check and supposedly mail you a refund for the extra dollars you sent.

But, instead of you cashing this refund check, you tear it up and throw it away.

By not cashing the check, it’s supposed to leave your case open indefinitely and not show up on your driving record. Points are not assessed to your driving record until all financial transactions are complete.

Sounds pretty sneaky, doesn’t it?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is a HOAX. I don’t know how it got started or who is behind it. All I know is that it doesn’t work because the minute you are found guilty, it automatically goes on your record, even before they receive your payment.

Whatever you do, don’t try this. More than likely, the courts will cash your check and NOT mail you a refund.

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the traffic courts are behind this myth!

Myth #2:

A police officer can pull me over for not wearing my seat belt.

Many states in the nation have enacted a bill that prohibits police officers from pulling over drivers based solely on the fact they weren’t wearing their seat belts.

In order to give someone a seat belt ticket under this bill, the driver of the vehicle must be pulled over for another reason, such as speeding. Only then can a police officer write a ticket for no seat belt if the driver wasn’t wearing one.

Myth #3:

International driver’s license

There are a number of websites that purportedly claim if your current driver’s license is suspended, you can legally replace it with an International Driver’s License.

BEWARE – There is no such thing!

Don’t confuse an International Driving Permit with an International Driver’s License. They are not the same!

Here’s how the add looks:

Need a new driver’s license?

Too many points or other license trouble?

Want a license that can never be suspended or revoked?

Want ID for nightclubs, or hotel check-in?

Avoid tickets, fines, points and mandatory driver’s education!

Protect you privacy and hide your identity.

Take advantage of your rights.

Order an International Driver’s License!

It can never be suspended or revoked.

Confidentiality assured.


The FTC is well aware of this type of scam and is cracking down on those people that offer such bogus licenses. Don’t be fooled into thinking that some magic driver’s license can replace your suspended one. The government isn’t that stupid.

You can get what is called an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP is a special permit that allows you to drive in other countries without taking a new test or any other formalities. It is valid in any of the over 150 countries that has signed the 1929 or 1949 UN convention on road traffic.

Myth #4:

Placing aluminum foil strips in the hubcaps of your tires will prevent your vehicle from being detected by police radar

Supposedly, the aluminum foil interferes with the radar signal in some way. Aluminum foil or any type of metal for that matter does not effect radar. I’d like to meet the idiot who thought of this one.

Myth #5:

Hang metal chains from the body of your car so it can’t be detected by radar

Here’s another metal myth. The theory here is that the chains will create a grounding effect with the car and send the radar signal towards the ground instead of back to the radar unit.

But the person who originated this myth failed to realize that a radar signal does not have electrical effects when it touches the frame of your vehicle. It merely bounces off.

Myth #6

Radar detectors will alert you before police can get a speed on you with their radar

Not true! Radar detectors will only tell you, you have been caught. In some states their illegal and will only get you another ticket. Your best defense is a radar scrambler. Radar scramblers do work, I know because I used radar as an officer for years and I could not get a speed on vehicles that were using radar scramblers. There are many companies that sell radar detectors and they all work, but they do nothing but warn you after it’s too late. Radar Scamblers warn you of radar in the area but “interfere” with the officer’s radar gun so he cannot get a speed on your vehicle. This means the officer has no evidence to present in court but his word and that doesn’t cut it in court. Pick up a radar scrambler/detector from any electronics store or buy them online. I suggest one on this site and this one really works and is proven!

Take care and again, “restore the balance of power” by educating yourself and staying informed.


G. Gaona