An Injury Lawyer On Common Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Injury Claim

Injury lawyer

If you plan to pursue a claim for your injury-related accident, contact an injury lawyer right away. He/she can explain several important “Dos and Don’ts” during your claims process.

Mitigate Your Damages

The law requires that you mitigate your physical and financial damages. In a nutshell, this means you should avoid doing anything to make your injury worse.

Your injury lawyer can counsel you on the specifics, but you should do everything in your power to get better and minimize any financial impact from your accident. Below, an injury attorney discusses some things you should do.

Listen to Your Doctor

As your injury attorney will tell you, the insurance company (or judge) will look at your behavior after your accident. Most importantly, did you listen to your doctor? If not, at least as far as your potential case value, you risk shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. Following your doctor’s advice includes:

– Keep All of Your Doctor’s Appointments – This is a must. If you have to cancel, make sure you give the doctor the courtesy of advance notice. Your injury attorney will tell you that too many “no shows” in your chart will likely reduce the settlement value of your case.

– Go to Physical Therapy – Anyone recovering from an injury knows that physical therapy is time consuming and inconvenient. Even so, don’t stop going if the doctor orders it. First of all, physical therapy can really help, especially for soft-tissue injuries. Too many cancelled PT sessions can undercut your claim.

– Take Your Medicine – Above all, follow your doctor’s orders regarding medication, therapy exercises, casts or braces etc. Your injury lawyer will have a tough time convincing an adjuster or jury about the extent of your injuries if you don’t follow through on treatment.

– Take it Easy – Your doctor may advise bed rest, limited physical activities, time off from work etc. If so, heed his or her advice. Let your injury lawyer explain ways to potentially recover your lost earnings.

When you’re pursuing an injury claim, it’s important to have the best legal expertise on your side in order to get the most optimal compensation for your injury and losses. Let an experienced injury lawyer advocate for you after your injury accident. Please contact your attorney immediately after an injury or accident, be prepared with the details, and follow the advice of your attorney as they have your best interest at heart.