Family Law and Divorce

Mediated Divorce Advantages

One of the benefits of hiring a divorce attorney includes having the help needed to choose what kind of divorce to pursue. If a couple is fighting a lot and is having difficulty coming to an agreement, they may have to file for a contested divorce. If it is possible for the couple to eventually come to terms with an agreement, collaborative or uncontested divorce may be their best option. Another choice is mediated divorce. This type of divorce typically ends in a more friendly split for a couple.

The advantages of this type of divorce are very appealing to many couples. However, this kind of divorce will only work for couples who both have a good idea what they want out of their divorce settlement and are both willing to help the other person get what they want.

The mediated divorce process includes hiring a neutral third party to mediate the discussion of the settlement. Depending on personal circumstances, the individuals may also have their own attorney represent them during the mediation session or sessions.

Using this type of divorce will save time. The papers can be signed in weeks. This is very different from contested divorces, where the process can take years. Due to the short amount of time involved in mediated divorce, the cost may be severely reduced. The terms of the divorce are much more likely to be adhered to when they were created through mediation. Because the couple has few differences, future problems with the settlement will be at a much lower risk of being questioned. One of the greatest benefits of this type of divorce is the lack of hostility and possibility of friendship with a partner. Those that have gone through contested divorces understand that staying friends with an ex can carry many advantages.

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