How to Perform a Nanny Background Check

For hiring a nanny, people generally chalk out a rough form that could be filled up by the applicants. This form is given to acquire information regarding the nanny before hiring her. Or a simpler way of doing things is just to have a discussion regarding the background and the qualifications of the nanny in a fixed meeting. And later, when you finally come down to a selection of two or one of them among all, you can run a nanny background check to match all the information she provided with an authentic source. All this trouble is taken up by all because; no one can be casual regarding the security of their own children. And of course before letting anybody come close to your family members, it is essential to know that you are not risking their security.

Doing the investigation on the nanny background by you would involve the following process and steps:

Since you would prefer an experienced nanny for your little child, your nanny must have already worked with many other families. Let your nanny know that as a safety measure you wish to perform a check on her background. Take her consent, which she would not hesitate at giving, since she too is aware of the process. Ask her for minimum 3 references of the places at or family with which she has already worked. Preferably recent ones and one from a little distant past, if there are many more experiences. Call up at the provided numbers and find out about her conduct- duration of her work with them, quality of her work, whether she is recommendable, reason for the termination of her tenure etc. and others that you wish to enquire.

If you are not satisfied with the information you received from these three references, you could ask the nanny for other ones. This is acceptable as long as you do not behave compulsively just to gather more and more information.

The form you might give your nanny to fill must at least contain these questions-

• Name

• Address of last two residences

• At least 3 or 5 references of previous employment (if so many are applicable)- this includes name, address and phone number of the previous employers

• Educational qualification

• Schools/ college attended

• References and contact information of the nanny’s close relatives.

Get a written consent of the nanny on the background check issue for sure. Without the authorization the process would be illegal.

You could phone up the relatives of the nanny whose information would have been provided in the form and gather more relevant information.

Finally, you always have the option of free online person profile search. You could search the public information available of the person’s personal record, in any search engine. You could also hire services from the government agencies, which should not be too costly an affair and get personal history, criminal history, previous employment history etc. Charges for the services depend on the extent information demanded.