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Drunk Driving Help

Drunk driving help involves taking steps to avoid a DUI before you ever get one. After you get a DUI, your drunk driving help is going to be your lawyer. You should always consult with an attorney in these cases, however, the laws are so stacked against you, that there often is not a lot that can be done. Although a good DUI attorney will put up a good fight and may produce the results you desire.

Your first avenue of drunk driving help involves helping yourself. You do this by being proactive. Take steps now to ensure you are never in the position of getting a DUI. Here are some tips to hep get you started.

Clean Out Your Car

Remember that hunting trip you went on in your truck? What about those beer cans that are still in the back, from that trip? How about that flask you keep in your glove box? Or what about that flask in your golf bag? Go to your car and remove anything and everything that could remotely construed as having anything to do with you drinking. It’s all about not providing evidence from which the district attorney can get a conviction. Don’t make it easy on them by giving them a few month old beer cans or an old flask to use as evidence against you.

Make Sure Lights and Signals Work

Most DUIs come about because someone got pulled over for another reason. If you have a headlight out, you’re just asking to get pulled over. Same thing with your signals. You might think you are signaling with every turn, but if your signal light is out, you’re giving the cops a reason to pull you over. Don’t give them this low hanging fruit. Go to your car right now and check all of your lights. If any are out, fix them today.

These are just a few suggestions to give you some drunk driving help. The real drunk driving help is taking steps in advance of getting a DUI, so that you won’t have to rely on a lawyer’s chances in court as your only drunk driving help.